Be an Organizer

Be an Organizer

Waddie Family


Here are three ways to help the story grow.

1. Among Friends – Get a copy of the book, download some tips for group readings, and invite a few people over to your house for hospitality and a reading. Take pictures, capture a bit of the conversation and post on the website Ask your guests if they too, would host a reading for more friends. This grass roots house to house storytelling is our most important way of seeing the story spread.

2. Among Local Influentials – Who are the seven people in your town who would appreciate and best spread the story? Is it a college professor, a minister, a school principal, the mayor, a librarian, a news reporter? This is a great way to open a conversation with people about the idea of community, of justice, of personal action, of communal action.

3. Six Degrees of Seperation – So, your sister's room mate in college works for Oprah. Really? So, your mother knows the producer of CBS News. Really? So, your brother is the incoming President of the National Council of Churches. Really? You get the idea. Don't be afraid to work your little black book and read out toward people who can invite millions of people to read the story with friends in their homes.